So It Begins

First Day on the Refuge and a beautiful sky welcomed us.

Bright and early, we arrived at the Refuge!

My first ever very official business cards!!

It was a whirlwind of a day! From refuge tours to project lists and wildlife watching it was an exciting way to start our stay. Myself,  Americorps members working at the Deer Annalee, and Saskia are the next rotation of Flat Refuge this year. We’ll be here for 11 month, though I’ve been an active member of the Deer Flat a biiiiit longer than that!

We found him up in the rafters of the shed. How he got there no one knows
Look who stopped by to say hello! We found him in the rafters of the old shed. How this little acrobat got up there no one knows
In fact I’ve been acting as an education volunteer for years now! Through monarch monitoring, field trips, and working events I’ve grown to respect the refuge immensely.

Now, after volunteering at the Deer Flat for the last few years I’m incredibly excited to take this opportunity and make the most of it! Here’s to a year of exploration, learning, and new experiences.